1. First you need to export the image. To do this, after logging into the VMware ESXi console, display a list of virtual machines by right-click on the appropriate one and select Export from the context menu. The image will download locally. It should have the extension .vmdk.

2. If the image weighs more than 2GB (which is almost every image) the only option will be to upload it via URL (Images Custom ImagesImport via URL). Any other option will result in an error, because browsers limit the size of the uploaded file.

3. After a successful…

Below, I describe the complete Sonarqube software upgrade process step by step.

  1. Create a copy of the database of the currently used system version. In my case it was 7.6:
  • Logging in as a sonar user → su - sonar.
  • Backing up the database → pg_dump sonar > sonar_db-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").sql.
  • Move the copy to your user’s home folder → cp /opt/sonarqube/sonar_db-2021-01-01.sql /home/owned_user/.

2. Download the latest version of the Sonarqube software and upload it to the appropriate directory:

Not too long ago I have installed the ELK stack. It is used for production servers so I decided to enable security connection between Filebeat and Logstash instances and also enable passwords for built-in users. Below described is how I did it.

Securing the Panel and Services Using User Accounts with Appropriate Privileges

  1. Turn off Kibana and Elasticsearch:
  • service kibana stop
  • service elasticsearch stop

2. Add the following in the /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml file:

  • xpack.security.enabled: true
  • discovery.type: single-node

3. Run Elasticsearch using commandservice elasticsearch start.

4. Configure passwords for all built-in users [e.g. elastic, kibana_system, logstash_system, beats_system] by running /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive.

5. Create kibana keystore /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-keystore create --allow-root.

6. Add Elasticsearch login and…

Piotr Bracha

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